Membrane filtration is widely used for concentration, fractionation, and sterilization in extract applications, and MMS have years of experience and know-how in all fields of extracts:
Microfiltration for extract clarification and sterilization. Ultrafiltration for macro-molecule concentration, fractionation and de-salting. Nanofiltration for small molecule concentration
and de-salting. Reverse osmosis for concentration of extracts using low to moderate temperature.

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Coffee extract concentration

  • Concentration up to 35-40% by NF/RO
  • Reduction of energy costs evaporators
  • High retention levels
  • Allows for reduced acidity in concentrate
  • Reduced evaporatons costs

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Coffee condensate re-use

  • Condensate water re-use
  • Recuperation of energy
  • Pre-treatment to ensure reliable RO treatment

Natural colour clarification

Customer specific solutions for algae, elderberry, purple carrot,red cabbage, cherry juice and many more.

  • Clarification and bacteria removal of feed
  • Gentle processing of sensitive products for high quality

Natural colour concentration

Customer-specific solutions for algae, elderberry, purple carrot, red cabbage, cherry juice and many more.

  • Selective enrichment of different colour compounds by NF or RO to produce products with high colour intensity
  • Gentle processing of sensitive products for high quality

Aroma and fragrance concentration

  • NF/RO allows to concentrate aroma compounds in extracts
  • Operation at low temperatures for high quality products

Blood extract

  • Blood serum concentration with UF
  • Blood serum colour reduction with MF

Yeast extract clarification or concentration

  • Clarification by MF or UF to produce crystal clear yeast extracts
  • Concentration up to 15-20% by RO to reduce energy costs from evaporators

Wheat extract

  • Clarification of wheat extract with MF
  • Concentration of wheat extract with RO to reduce evaporator costs

Chicken extract

  • Broth clarification with MF and UF
  • Extract concentration with RO/NF
  • Evaporator cost reduction

Fish protein and gelatine

  • Pre-treatment of fish protein and reduction of fish odour
  • Increase of protein content to 20-25 % TS
  • Increase of gelatine concentration