MMS bio-pharmaceutical membrane systems are fully documented (DQ, IQ and OQ reports) with the highest standards of design and construction.

MMS main applications are for broth clarification, and concentration of enzymes and small molecules.

Download brochure MMS Bio-Pharma Applications.

Fermentation Broth Clarification

  • Clarification of bacterial, fungal or yeast cells
  • Optimized protein transmission possible
  • Selection of optimum MF module
  • Batch or continuous processing possible
  • Diafiltration optional

Protein Concentration large-scale

  • Large-scale TFF unit with tank section
  • Cassette filter holders
  • Including CIP/SIP tanks
  • GAMP approved automation

Concentration after Chromatography

  • UF unit for concentration of target compound after IEX chromatography
  • Corrosion resistant unit with material of PVDF, Hastelloy and Titanium

Protein and Enzyme Concentration - UF

  • Concentration of protein and enzyme with ultrafiltration
  • Use of spiral-wound, hollow fibre or ceramic modules
  • Fully automated for production and CIP

Protein Concentration small-scale

  • Pre-designed for small scale volume
  • Cassette filter holders
  • IQ/OQ reports

Concentration/purification of API

  • High pressure nanofiltration unit for API concentration
  • All material with certificates
  • Manual systems with automatic controllers
  • Fully automated units also available

Concentration of Peptides

  • Ceramic nanofiltration unit
  • Solvent stable sealing and gaskets
  • Multistage for higher flux effciency
  • Mobile units available

Solvent Recovery with NF

  • OSN Membrane application
  • ATEX compliant systems
  • Ideal for HPLC solvent recovery

NF - Oligosaccharide Fractionation

  • Nanofiltration unit for fractionation of oligosaccharides
  • System designed for large scale production
  • NF membrane selection in MMS laboratory
  • Diafiltration control to ensure ideal fractionation

MF - Sterile Filtration

  • Sterile filtration with microfiltration modules
  • Polymeric/ceramic membranes available
  • Constructed for CIP and SIP

NF - Chromatography Buffer Treatment

  • Ideal for testing membrane applications
  • Simple plug-in to a HPLC system
  • PN60 pressure rating

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