MMS develop, design processes and manufacture all sizes of turn-key membrane systems for the dairy, food, beverages and biopharmaceutical sectors.

MMS provide novel membrane processes for the separation, fractionation and concentration of all classes of molecules within the life sciences.

We have a dedicated membrane laboratory to evaluate the technical and economic viability of a given process. We pass on the laboratory data to our membrane specialists who enable us to calculate the size, CAPEX and OPEX of a solution allowing our customers to receive a comprehensive understanding of how membrane technology can benefit their process.

We manufacture all systems according to food and pharma standards. With qualified welders and orbital welding machines.

We manufacture our own electrical cabinets and supply automation software in Siemens and Rockwell.

MMS perform all these tasks in-house to manage the projects on time and at a high quality.

MMS was founded in 1995 and have since then accumulated extensive know-how in the development, design, construction and automation of membrane systems.
With the setup of MMS Nordic in Silkeborg we have added to our existing know-how with the expertise from our Danish colleagues, who worked for DSS, Tetra Pak and SPX.