Membrane systems

MMS has a long track record of successfully implementing industrial scale turn-key membrane projects from design to commissioning.

Our main focus is always on the membrane, the heart of every membrane process.

In some projects, there is a profound knowledge of membrane applications, but in many areas there is still a great potential for R&D.

For this reason, MMS has developed laboratory and pilot plants in addition to industrial systems, enabling our customers to test and optimize applications.

To compliment our product range we have services such as Membrane Replacement, Membrane Testing, Rental Units and Engineering Support to help customers optimize their existing membrane plants.

In cases where additional technologies, e.g. pre-filtration, are required for optimal process control, these can also be provided by MMS.

Other technologies

Please contact us for comprehensive support concerning:

  • Pasteurization

  • Prefiltration & dedusting

  • Ion exchange

  • Activated darbon