1. Oktober 2018

MMS expanding into Nordic market

On 1st October MMS Membrane Systems launched MMS Nordic in Denmark. The Nordic office is a trio with many years of experience in membrane filtration.

The office is located between Aarhus and Silkeborg in Denmark. Headed by Niels Osterland, founder, owner and Managing Director of DSS Silkeborg, MMS Nordic will oversee sales to the Nordic markets, and one of the first tasks is to adapt existing MMS solutions and designs to the expectations of Nordic customers.

In addition to offering solutions to known applications, MMS Nordic aims at cooperating with customers on development projects, starting with pre-tests at the Zurich lab facilities, expanding to pilot scale tests at customer sites, and subsequently possibly deciding on industrial scale plants.

The membrane filtration market keeps growing – for already known applications in both established and emerging markets, spurred largely by an increasing demand for new ingredients with special nutritional properties. In addition to dairy based ingredients, polysaccharide products and plant extracts are forecast to be highly attractive.

MMS Nordic will position itself as an innovative, dynamic, and flexible supplier to current users of membrane filtration technology as well as new customers, who see the great potential of this great technology. The company expects to expand to 10-15 employees within a few years, involved in development of applications, customer tests and trials, sales and project management.